Training That Jumpstarts Success

We’d like to think our Merit Management Group Inc. learning environment is one of the primary reasons our team thrives. After all, the more knowledge we acquire, the more opportunities there are for us to advance and grow, which is why we start our people with intensive, paid training from day one.

“Our training program is designed so that novice executives can quickly become proficient in our model and processes,” said Glen, Merit Management Group Inc.’s President. “They add their strong desire to learn and succeed to the mix, and everyone wins.”

Among the factors that give our program, an edge is that it’s tailored to each person. “We don’t rely on one learning strategy,” explained Glen. “Each associate absorbs and processes knowledge uniquely. Therefore, we assign them to a coach, one of our seasoned managers, who works directly with them and provides abundant support and feedback along the way.”

Since successful people never stop learning, our professional development opportunities are ongoing as well. “There are plenty of ways for people to work on new skills and become stronger leaders,” Glen shared. “We have in-house training on different topics. As our associates grow with us, they’ll have chances to earn trips to conferences and other events, too.”

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