Training Excellence Leads to Business Success

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? That’s our approach to business at Merit Management Group Inc., so it’s no surprise that we take a similar path when it comes to our learning environment. In fact, the lessons we impart are the reasons why our people are crushing their targets and making headway into new markets for Inspire Energy and other partners.

After all, as Glen, Merit Management Group Inc.’s President, explained, we’re tasked with a very important mission: to spread the word about alternate energy solutions and how residents and businesses alike can make a switch that will save them money and contribute to a cleaner planet. We want our people to have the right knowledge and be able to answer questions when they’re discussing options with potential customers, so we don’t just hand them books or videos. We partner them with our seasoned coaches who can instruct and guide them through real-world experiences.

As our team members become experts in this area, we expand their skill sets so they think more like leaders. We help them develop an entrepreneurial approach to all that they do, giving way to them eventually opening their own offices in new markets. This way, their wisdom gets passed along to a new team who will take up the mantle and encourage others to get on board with going green.

Because we make professional development a huge focus in our culture, we always have achievements to share. Check out the Merit Management Group Inc. Newswire for the latest on our promotions and other individual and team wins.

Our big ideas power customer acquisition results.