Steven Loll Has Earned Our Company Spotlight

We’re never hesitant to put our top Merit Management Group Inc. performers in the spotlight. Today, it’s assistant manager Steven Loll who is receiving some well-deserved recognition. Glen, our firm’s President, noted that Loll recently broke an office record for the most sales in one day. He put lofty goals in place and followed through to reach them, which makes Loll an excellent example of the power of our training and coaching processes.

Glen really enjoys being involved with our team members and helping them grow in their careers. He’s also committed to recognizing great performance in meaningful ways. He stated that effective recognition is one of the best methods for inspiring people from day to day. We’re certainly more engaged in our everyday efforts because of the praise we receive for reaching our biggest objectives. Along with being highlighted on this blog, we can also earn our way onto rewarding travel events and receive other bonuses for performing at our best.

Consistent recognition efforts also make Merit Management Group Inc. a more attractive workplace, both for potential hires and seasoned team members. Both retention and recruitment get major boosts thanks to our clear and effective reward systems. We always know our efforts are valued, because our leadership team routinely shows appreciation.

We’re proud to have Steven Loll setting a great example on our team. Follow Merit Management Group Inc. on Twitter for updates on all our standout performers.

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