Shining the Spotlight on Portia

Our team members come from diverse backgrounds and each one brings something new to Merit Management Group. As part of celebrating these individuals, we like to take a few moments to talk with them about their experiences, goals, and insights. Today, we’re talking to Portia S., an account manager who handles everything from interviewing to training and team building.

“My background is in communications and education,” shared Portia, “Since joining the Merit Management Group team, I’ve worked hard to hit the goals I’ve set for myself and used my background in communications to work with my team members and help everyone get better. I’m also proud of my work ethic and how it has translated into steady professional progress.”

“I also believe my background in education makes me a compassionate and dedicated trainer for the other team members,” continue Portia. “I enjoy helping everyone out, and I’m really focused on continuing to grow my career. I want to become a better leader and grow into higher management in the future. I want to succeed and improve myself every day.”

The growth of our team is something our leaders focus on because it leads to company success.

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