Set Yourself Up for Serious Career Advancement

Offering numerous career advancement opportunities has become a central element of the Merit Management Group culture. We have a policy that offers self-paced growth to people who have the drive and passion to learn and crush their goals. Here are a few of the habits professionals can adopt to set themselves up for real advancement:

• Set Expectations: The simplest way to get ahead in your current position is to be clear with what you hope to achieve. Have a candid conversation with your supervisor about where you’d like to be and on what timeline.

• Build on Your Strengths: Analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Work on minimizing your weaknesses and leveraging your strengths. Reflecting is an excellent way to keep yourself progressing forward toward success.

• Use Informal Communication: In the Merit Management Group office, we regularly hold informal meetings. We have found that less structure can lead to greater results. This practice leads to a more open and effective method of interacting.

• Take Some Risks: Get outside your comfort zone sometimes. Taking a few risks can help you push forward to be more innovative and ambitious. Simply facing the possibility of failure and giving your full effort can be very liberating. It helps you to avoid fear of making mistakes and empowers you to be creative and passionate.

These methods will help you set yourself up for lasting success.

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