Proven Strategies for Earning Promotions

We pride ourselves on the clear pathways to advancement we offer members of Team Merit Management Group Inc. Through our merit-based approach to promotions, we’ve learned what really makes a difference for those who want to reach higher levels in their careers. Here are a few things pros can do to position themselves for regular career advancement:

• Quantify Achievements: It’s always a good idea to catalog achievements. It’s especially powerful when candidates can match accomplishments to numbers. If you want to earn a promotion, you need to be able to describe exactly how your contributions have created wins for your company.

• Volunteer for More Responsibility: Before you’re a candidate for promotion, prove that you’re willing to take on greater responsibility. By volunteering for special projects while still excelling at your regular duties, you’ll show that you’re well-equipped to take the next step in your career.

• Focus on Improvement: Constant learning is a hallmark of our Merit Management Group Inc. culture, so those who take advantage of ongoing training set themselves up to advance. The key is to seize every opportunity to improve because it will help you thrive in your next role and train others to follow your example.

These simple strategies are proven ways to push any career forward. Like Merit Management Group Inc. on Facebook for more of our best advancement tips.

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