Project Confidence When You Speak

When you give a presentation, one skill to master is projecting confidence, both when you walk into the venue and during your talk. This is one small but important area of public speaking that Merit Management Group associates work to do well because it will help them own the room. Here are some ways they make that happen effectively for every presentation:

• Be Yourself: A great way to be confident and be relaxed is to focus on being yourself when you walk into the room. If you’re young, own your background and share your story with the audience. They will discover that they can trust you as you let your personality and abilities shine through the insights you share.

• Leave Time for Questions: Unless you’re doing a keynote at an enormous convention, you want to leave time for answering audience questions. Merit Management Group presenters have found that these insightful questions and answers can be the best parts of a talk.

• Have a Conversation: If you can, a great way to own the room is to have a conversation with the most interesting individuals in the room. Find out what the audience is really interested in learning and target your speech accordingly. Open the floor to questions before, during, or after your talk to use this informal style.

Projecting confidence is easier to do when you’re comfortable about what you’re saying and how the presentation or discussion is going.

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