PRESS RELEASE: Merit Management Group Inc.’s Latest Exciting Travel Event

OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL – Merit Management Group Inc. was well represented at the recent leadership conference in Dallas. The company’s leaders discussed the event and shared a few tips for productive business travel.

The latest Merit Management Group Inc. travel opportunity took select associates to the national quarterly leadership conference in Dallas. Glen, the company’s President, explained that the hand-selected individuals who ventured to the heart of Texas took part in workshops, attended keynote speeches, and networked with some of the top performers in the customer acquisition industry. The conference was a memorable and educational experience with plenty of career-boosting benefits.

Glen enjoys every opportunity to give his team members more tools they can use to deliver winning results. Attending events such as the Dallas leadership conference allows Team Merit Management Group Inc. to gain knowledge and helpful new contacts. The firm’s associates returned to the office inspired to apply insights from influential leaders and high-performing peers to create even more innovative campaigns for Inspire Energy.

Getting a chance to see the big picture of the consulting and marketing industry is one of the top benefits of attending industry functions. The firm’s associates get to meet people who have risen through the ranks to achieve their highest career aspirations. There are often award ceremonies at leadership conferences, which are further evidence of how much can be accomplished with persistence and commitment to setting lofty goals.

Merit Management Group Inc. Leaders Share Tips for Successful Business Trips

Glen believes organization is one of the keys to having a productive team travel event. Meeting with associates to go over logistics, lodging details, and other important aspects of the trip ensures that everyone is on the same page. From there, team members can get down to the business of learning from and interacting with new people.

Studying an event itinerary is another strategy Merit Management Group Inc. leaders apply to ensure rewarding team excursions. Glen reported that knowing where to be at what time is essential at a crowded industry conference or networking function. There are so many worthwhile breakout sessions and keynote speeches from which to learn. We do our best to focus on the ones that best fit our educational goals.

The firm’s associates also make the most of the time spent travelling to new places. They get to know each other better on a personal level and take advantage of downtime to reflect and plan for the future. Thinking about what’s going well back at the office is a great way to home in on icebreakers for networking discussions as well.

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