Guidelines That Encourage Effective Feedback

One of the most important, but perhaps least talked about, skills required for success is knowing how to give and receive feedback. These are some of the Merit Management Group Inc. guidelines we use when it comes to effective dialogue in the workplace:

• Be Credible: When we want our opinions to be received well, we need to prove that we are reliable sources of information. Executive presence also makes a difference in this area as well, as we know at Merit Management Group Inc.

• Check Your Intentions: When we’re sharing our ideas with one another, we take a second to consider what we’re trying to gain. The best reason to give feedback is because we are honestly interested in helping someone achieve their potential.

• Time and Place Matter: We try to be as timely as possible with our feedback, so the information is relevant to an event that is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Also, as a general rule, these conversations are best kept private.

• Strive for Clarity: The most important element of almost any dialogue is clarity. Being honest and transparent always gives us the best results when sharing our insights.

It takes courage to provide professional feedback, and even more to accept it – let alone act on it. The results are worth the effort though, and we’ve seen many successful careers launch because someone was open to being advised. Check out our Merit Management Group Inc. Newswire feed for more information on the power of communication.

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