Our Morale-Boosting Team Nights

We take pride in the strong Merit Management Group Inc. team bonds we’ve created, knowing that they fuel our ongoing growth. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed mini-golf, horseback riding, and even escape rooms with our teammates. Glen, our company’s President, feels that these outings are ideal ways to connect and engage with colleagues in fresh settings.

Our team activities breed fresh motivation that we can carry into every big new project. The better we get to know each other away from the office, the more comfortable we are combining our talents to create innovative consulting and marketing campaigns.

We’re also stronger communicators thanks to our Merit Management Group Inc. team outings. If we can convey important messages across as we deal with an escape room situation, we’re certainly well equipped to achieve success on the job. Every group outing is a chance to see positive traits in action and discover shared interests that improve teamwork.

Our work culture also becomes more positive with every morale-boosting event we enjoy as a team. We maintain high levels of productivity because we really enjoy working together. Incoming associates quickly learn how much we value teamwork. The strong bonds we build away from the office are key parts of our culture.

There’s always another fun team outing around the corner for us. Check out the Merit Management Group Inc.Newswire for updates on our group activities.

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