What We Look for in Great Candidates

As we prepare to add to Team Merit Management Group Inc., we’re thinking about what makes for an ideal hire. Glen, our firm’s President, explained that there are some key attributes that are much more important than professional experience. He added that finding the right cultural fits is what we emphasize during each hiring initiative.

Glen stated that a positive attitude is one of the essential traits he seeks in any addition to our team. He explained that having the right mind-set also involves being willing to learn new things every day and being unafraid to talk to strangers. With a positive attitude already in place, Glen noted that it’s much easier for people to build confidence and refine their skills over time.

It’s also important to find candidates who are looking to take on more responsibility. This shows leadership potential as well as a willingness to push past comfort zones. When we find jobseekers with this type of personal ambition, we know they’ll fit right in with our goal-oriented culture.

When it comes to the interview itself, Glen believes being open and honest is the best approach for any potential hire. He added that he’s most impressed by candidates who are engaged in the process, see value in the growth opportunities Merit Management Group Inc. provides, and have real interest in a rewarding career in the consulting and marketing industry.

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