How to Learn Anything Quickly

Whether you’re a new associate or seasoned veteran, there is always a new professional skill to learn to continue to grow. When Merit Management Group associates want to learn something quickly, they use a few different methods like these to speed up the process:

• Minimum Unit: If you think learning something sounds overwhelming, focus first on the smallest amount you can learn and still get your project moving. This doesn’t mean you’ll become a master of the topic. Instead, it’s just enough that you’ll be able to move forward with learning and then do more later.

• Break it Down: With most topics, there are small subsets of skills that make up most of your results, so identify what those specifics are and focus on them first. With the help of books and teachers, for instance, you should be able to master your body language and delivery style to help you increase your public speaking abilities. Breaking down new abilities into smaller tasks helps Merit Management Group associates quickly pick up the talents they need to get ahead.

When you’re able to focus on a smaller part of learning a skill, it makes it seem much more attainable and you’ll notice your progress quickly. Seeing progress will help motivate you to continue to tackle and master new proficiencies.

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