The Ins and Outs of Why Mentors Matter

When we think of learning and growing, most of us think of teachers and instructors as the drivers of our education. However, a life-long quest for knowledge means as adults, we need to seek out others who can share their wisdom and experience with us. In our Merit Management Group Inc. workplace, we are strong advocates for mentorship as a chance to grow.

Glen, our Merit Management Group Inc. President, is someone who is both a mentor and a mentee. He is one of our team’s go-to resources for anything from how to create a killer presentation to how to lead. Even though he’s at the top of our firm, he still seeks insights from others, whether it’s peers or people who have different expertise from whom he can glean a better understanding of topics.

So what makes for a good mentorship experience? Here are a few keys to ponder before connecting with a coach:

• Do Some Self-Reflection First: Before reaching out to others to help us grow, we should always have an idea of our own goals, strengths, and weaknesses. This way, we’ll know what we need from a mentor and establish a rapport with the right people.

• Be Open to Listening: A good mentor is going to have plenty of ideas and valuable tips that will be helpful to our career progression. We, in turn, show our gratitude by being open to what this person has to say. It’s OK to ask questions to better understand or clarify feedback, too.

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