Genuine Connections Aid Careers at All Levels

Strong networks are key assets for professionals at all career levels, which is why we focus on making genuine connections around the Merit Management Group Inc. office. When we expand our contact lists, we strive to be ourselves and offer assistance before we ask for any favors. This approach is what allows us to forge purposeful connections that help us advance our careers.

Job candidates can bolster their chances of getting hired if they have diverse networks. You never know to whom a person might be connected, so jobseekers are well-advised to keep expanding their contact lists as they look for the right career opportunity. When we evaluate potential additions to Team Merit Management Group Inc., we’re always impressed by those with expansive networks.

It’s essential to be open and honest when connecting with others. When we attend conferences and other big industry events, we make sure to flash warm smiles and maintain welcoming postures at all times. We want people to feel comfortable approaching us.

We’ve also found that asking open-ended questions is a powerful networking strategy. The more we keep other people talking about their own achievements and future goals, the more likely we are to stand out in their memories long after an event.

The value of being well-connected can’t be overstated. For more of our best networking tips, be sure to follow Merit Management Group Inc. on Twitter.

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