Expanding Our Operations and Our Roster

Merit Management Group Inc. has been successful in our mission to help Inspire Energy become the green energy solution of choice in and around Oakbrook Terrace. In fact, we’ve done so well that we’re going to need a bigger headquarters.

“We are moving to a new office!” declared Glen, President of Merit Management Group Inc. “It is much bigger, and the whole team is excited. This also means we will have more room on our roster. We are looking for energetic and sport-minded people who recognize a great career opportunity when one is presented to them.”

We invest a great deal of time and resources into the success of our associates from their first day with our firm. Once someone has finished with our interview process, they are immediately paired with an experienced executive who will coach our new team member in their role. This one-to-one guidance, combined with our comprehensive training program, provides access to all the skills and knowledge required for a person to thrive in customer acquisitions.

What’s more, we offer development opportunities through travel. Cross-training at other offices, attendance at leadership events, and chances to network with industry leaders are all a part of the Merit Management Group Inc. experience. To submit a résumé, visit our Careers page, or to find out more about our team and culture check out our Newswire feed.

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