Excited to Announce Team Member Devere’s Promotion

We are dedicated to empowering every Merit Management Group associate to achieve his or her professional goals. Recently, we promoted Devere, one of our up-and-coming team members. So, today we are thrilled to highlight him and his achievements. He is a great example of how hard work and positivity can lead to big results.

The customer acquisition industry is driven by talented professionals collaborating to create innovative campaigns. So, we need people like Devere to ensure the lasting success of Merit Management Group. He is the kind of person who keeps pushing toward achieving his goals no matter what.

“Devere has been a great asset to our team ever since we moved to a new market,” says Glen, our company Director. “I promoted him because he is dedicated to performance and always has a positive attitude. He is goal-oriented and consistently thinking a step ahead. We are excited to advance Devere and cannot wait to see what he accomplishes next.”

We have worked hard to develop a team of people like Devere who bring both passion and skill to every task. When we are looking for new associates, we primarily consider applicants’ attitudes. Our in-depth training system allows us to teach everyone the skill sets they need to succeed. So, we care more about finding people who have the drive to reach their goals.

Devere is a wonderful team member and we are sure he will continue to achieve great things.

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