Celebrating Cassandra’s Ascent to Leadership

We’ve created a work culture in which advancement is a top priority, so we’re happy to announce that Cassandra has become a leader on Team Merit Management Group Inc. Glen, our firm’s President, explained that Cassandra is a hard worker who has proven herself as a major asset around our office. He also noted that anyone can move up within the company with the right work ethic and the coaching we provide.

Setting clear goals is one strategy Cassandra has used to her advantage during her time with Merit Management Group Inc. By putting well-defined goals in front of her, Cassandra makes it easier to measure progress and adjust her path whenever necessary.

Cassandra is also mindful of reaching minor milestones as she chases big goals. She forms positive micro-habits that contribute to major successes in the long run. This is a strategy we’ve all adopted around Merit Management Group Inc. HQ, because it helps us make steady progress each and every day.

We also take time to reflect on our long-term aspirations as we tackle our daily goals. This is another area in which Cassandra sets a perfect example for the rest of us. She weighs every new benchmark she sets against her longer-range plans, which ensures that each pursuit is a valuable one.

We’re ready to watch Cassandra thrive in a leadership role. Follow her progress by liking us on Facebook, where we share updates on all our top performers.

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