Bianca’s Recent Promotion Into Leadership Role

Team member Bianca was recently promoted into leadership. When this happens, we want to take a few moments and share why she’s such a great addition to our Merit Management Group Inc. team. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to grow into a management position and so it’s clear she’s really worked hard to accomplish her personal goals and get where she is today.

“Bianca has a great student mentality,” shared Glen, the Owner of Merit Management Group Inc. “She’s always open to learning new things. She is also eager to succeed and very determined to make her mark on the world. This combination has led her to tackle challenging concepts and master them quickly. Other managers in our organization have commented on her great positive attitude and strong work ethic. These are two key components everyone in our company needs in order to succeed.”

“Developing our team into leaders and promoting them into management is how our company grows and cultivates our future,” continued Glen. “Just about everyone in our industry starts at the bottom and works their way up. Bianca is becoming a great leader and we cannot wait to see what she achieves over the course of her career. We expect great things from someone as talented and dedicated as she is.”

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